MTK Driver For All Android Smartphone (32-Bit,64-Bit) Download

Today I have come up with MTK Driver Latest Version for All Android Smartphone Download. You will be able to download it free from here on this website. It is very important for your smartphone if you want to fix any issue related to flashing, IMEI repair, logo problem and so on. You often required to connect your smartphone to your computer to fix your smartphone problems. Moreover, the computer needs to recognize your smartphone either it will not work. MTK driver is there to make your phone recognized by the computer. It is a great opportunity for you, to download it for free from here and it is available for everyone.


MTK Driver

MTK Driver

What is MTK Driver

Usually, what does a driver do? They show us the path and direct us. MTK driver is such kind a thing as well. It shows the path and direct your Mediatek based Android smartphone the way and direct towards the computer. Generally, a computer does not recognize any device. It is the driver who helps the computer to recognize the smartphone. So, from this point, you could feel how important a driver is. However, MTK driver is pretty much essential for your MTK based android smartphone. You have to install the driver on your computer. Whenever you will connect your smartphone the computer

Note- It just works for MTK based Smartphone. It will not work on any device which is not MTK based.

Android (MTK) Quick Auto Installer

Android USB MTK driver accompany the fast installer. Along these lines, you do not need to check and introduce those drivers one by one physically. When you download all drivers from this website, you will locate a fast auto installer among those records. In this way, in the wake of finishing the download, check the Install.bat application in the driver organizer and open it. This application consequently distinguishes your Windows form. At that point introduce the Android MTK USB drivers quick.

Connecting MTK Smartphone Device to Computer

Android Mediatek USB driver interfaces the smartphone to PC. What’s more, it enables you to exchange information from MTK smartphones to PC. However, you need to make you that you have just empowered the USB debugging on your smartphone before interfacing the smartphone and PC.

Features of MTK driver

  • Flashing Stock Firmware
  • Flash IMEI
  • Connect Your smartphone easily
  • Detect all the MTK based Smartphone and so on
  • Supports on all windows version

Windows version support

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Credits of MTK Driver

Mediatek Inc. has created the MTK Driver and made this available for all of us. So, all the credits go to the Mediatek Inc. for making this driver

MTK Driver Latest Version for All Android Smartphone Download

Mediatek Inc. has published the latest version of MTK driver. It’s available to download free from here.


Thank you for coming down and read the whole part. I hope you will get benefited by the MTK driver latest version. Don’t forget to share your view in the comment section. Take care and spread the goodness.